blogging from northumberland

here I am, working away (finished up a strategy paper, now working on a grant) in Northumberland.

Northumberland? Where’s Northumberland I hear you ask. It’s the most northern county in England, further north than quite a bit of scotland due to the sharp south-west to north-east border line. It’s England’s least populous area, wild and untouched.And, yes, I’ve got broadband. BT will ensure that anyone can get broadband, and when we applied for it they had to run a new line, completely with DSL repeaters (I think) down the valley. Add a bit of wireless (just got a wireless extender that works via the powerline) and… one wired house.

The connection is fine for email and web; a little jumpy for X sessions, but given the location, nothing to complain about.So. Here I am, glass in wine in hand, blogging from the most remote place in England.